3 Tips for the Novice to Buy Ties From an Online Fashion Boutique

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Nov 24, 2016 1:29:01 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

online_fashion_boutique_buy_tiesMost men resist wearing ties. They’re tight, uncomfortable and difficult to tie. And yet, a tie always creates a good impression. It shows people that you made an effort when you were dressing to meet them. And this means that you value their business or their company (depending on whether you’re dressing for business or pleasure). Isn’t it amazing that a small piece of clothing can make such a deep impression? So if you’re ever wondering whether to wear a tie or not, it’s best to go ahead and put it on because it will always make you look more professional, more suave and more elegant. Here are a few tips for buying ties from an online fashion boutique:

  1. Get a Few: If you aren’t in the habit of wearing ties but you want to start, it’s best to get a few at one go. You don’t want to be the person who shows up wearing the same lone tie in your closet year after year. There are people like this, who will wear the same tie to all the weddings, bar mitzvahs and interviews they go to. Instead, it’s best to get a few different ties in different colors. Wear one that matches your mood or your shirt.
  2. Match It. If you’re going for a shirt-and-tie look, you just need to match your tie to your shirt. But if you’re wearing a suit, then you need to make sure that your tie matches both, your shirt and your suit. So it’s best not to combine too many colors. If you’re wearing a white shirt, you can wear most dark-colored ties with it. If you’re wearing, for example, a light blue shirt and a grey suit, you could go with a contrasting dark blue or dark grey tie.online_fashion_boutique
  3. Go Basic. That Christmas-themed tie with snowmen all over it, or that Hawaiian-style one with flowers, aren’t going to match many outfits. More than that, it just doesn’t seem appropriate to wear them on a regular basis. If you’re going for an interview, for instance in a digital marketing company your interviewer will no doubt raise an eyebrow to see you wearing a tie with snowmen. So it’s best to go basic most of the time. A tie in a classic color like navy blue, maroon or dark grey will go with many outfits. If you’re wearing a darker-colored shirt, you can go with a tie in a lighter color like cream or light blue.

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