A How to Guide - 5 Great Ways to Wear a Shawl

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Mar 31, 2016 12:36:23 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

shawl A shawl is a beautiful way to add some pizzazz to your outfit.

Whether you are looking for warmth, or more of a gorgeous accessory, there is likely a shawl for you.

Since there are so many unique ways to wear shawls, here is a great how to guide of 5 great ways to wear a shawl to meet your needs for comfort, beauty, and that wow factor you may be looking for.


1) The Baggy Sweater. Lay out your shawl in a rectangle on the floor or bed. Tie the two corners together on one end to make a hole, and do the same at the other. Put your arms through the holes. Then wear it like a baggy sweater with the bulk of the shawl resting on your shoulders.

2) The Teardrop. Lay out your shawl and tie two diagonal corners together to make a knot. Hang the shawl around your neck with the knot in behind your neck, laying the bulk of the shawl nicely around your front.

3) Behind the Back. Drape your shawl around your shoulders and back by holding the top two end corners, as though you were wrapping yourself in a towel. Still holding the ends, put your hands down, and tie the ends together behind your back. The shawl will rest on your shoulders and cover your arms, and have a cute knot underneath the back layer.


4) The Hourglass. Drape your shawl over your neck and shoulders from its middle so that the majority of the shawl hangs down in front of you. Then tie a decorative rope or belt around your waist to secure the shawl like an hourglass.

5) The Reverse Drape. Grasp the shawl in the middle and drape around the neck and shoulder area from the front, still bunched together, laying the longer ends down the back. Have someone tie the shawl loosely one time about the middle of the back. This creates a more elegant look for wearing with a dress or evening gown.

Some of these styles and more can be found in this article on Instructables by gwenstella. Searching the net for articles and videos will lead you to many innovative ways to wrap our unique shawls around your neck, shoulders, mid-section, waist, and head that will inspire you to add flair to your wardrobe and express yourself in new ways.

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