Shawl or scarf? How to tell the difference

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Jul 3, 2017 10:15:00 AM
Fernando Montes de Oca

online_fashion_boutique_shawl_vs_scarfShawls and scarves are often used interchangeably, which sometimes creates befuddlement. They both provide warmth in colder months and are decorative. They may also be derived from the same materials, such as the Pineda Covalin scarf and shawl that are both made of woven silk.

 Their intricate designs may even be similar, but there are however marked differences between these two items. Here’s what to look for if you’re one of those people who’ve always worn these interchangeably, and would like to know what the differences are.

The Features of a Shawl
One of the easiest ways to identify a shawl vs scarf is probably in the size and shape. You’ll find that shawls are mostly triangular or rectangular in shape, and rather large in comparison to most scarves. Pineda Covalin's shawl's size is: 140"X21".  It’s usually worn as a wrap over your shoulders or draped across your body. Pashminas are shawls, as well as rebozo’s, which is a large Mexican inspired shawl with a fringe. Shawls can also be worn in a poncho style. Find them at an online boutique.

The mobius shawl is another variation of shawl. You can drape this shawl across your shoulders. It comprises a circular design with no beginning or end. Shawls are also multi -functional, and you’ll find them used in homes to add to, or complement home décor. Examples here are when over-sized shawls are used as table runners, or to add some decorative flair to a piece of furniture in the home. Shawls are also often used as a sash draped around your shoulders.


How to Tell if It’s a Scarf
The Pineda Covalin scarf is a marvelous piece of women silk that can be thin and long, or smaller. Some of the marked differences between a shawl vs scarf is that scarves are often used as neck ties, bandanas, or stylish belts. You’ll also often find them worn as a head scarf, around ankles, or as scarf bracelets.

The Pineda Covalin scarf can also be used as a foulard in various ways. Here you could use this square-shaped scarf around your waist or head. Long scarves come in really huge sizes too, such as 70"X10.5" . You’ll often find these types worn around the hips or shoulders. You may have also noticed the infinity scarves, which is basically a loop-shaped scarf. The Pineda Covalin scarf is unique in its high quality, design, and remarkable array of colors. Some of the scarf sizes here include 22"X22" and 36"X36".

We invite you to visit our online fashion boutique and watch this useful video prepared by Clicmark, with tips showing you how to use your shawls:


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