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Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on May 26, 2016 1:13:45 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

buy_ponchos_summerSouth Americans created the poncho as functional apparel to provide warmth and protection against wind and rain. In its original, simplest form, a poncho is a single large sheet of fabric with a central opening for the head. Sometimes they have a hood for added protection.




Nowadays, ponchos are fashionable and beautiful as well as functional. They've slipped into the fashion world as a lovely, decorous garment that enhances whatever clothing it overlays. Our Online Fashion Boutique offers a variety of ponchos to brighten and augment your style. 

  • Otomi Doll Orange Chiffon Poncho: This fluid, lightweight poncho displays curving rivers of colors--orange, pink, ocher, turquoise, burgundy--representing rainbows that flow gracefully around your body. Images of Otomi dolls float amid the rivers. In real life, the Otomi women from various Mexican states, make these dolls. They design them with their own clothing and hair styles, and the dolls are both cherished toys and appreciated art. This poncho is sweet and pretty and lively--the woman wearing it will attract enviable attention!


  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Purple Square Poncho: This gorgeous silk poncho is a soft whisper over the body. The square shape hangs longer than an angled poncho, so it looks like a tunic. A small tie pulls the material together over the right hip to form slender folds against the thigh. The small 'sleeves' enclose only the upper arms. The beautiful purple color would make an evening sky jealous! White petals, dots and geometric shapes adorn the shoulders, sleeves and lower section, but it's the main image that draws the eyes--the outline of Our Lady of Guadalupe, surrounded by shining light. This poncho takes your breath away.
  • Wirikuta Black/White Chiffon Poncho: This chiffon creation is stunning! It drapes like light on water, sheer and cool and incredibly feminine. The designs, based on the pilgrimage of shaman to the 'sacred lands of Wirikuta where the gods gather,' are quite elegant. Butterflies, flowers, lizards, and other animals flow over the translucent material like the pilgrims ethereal dreams. This incredible poncho is a wardrobe must!

Visit our Online Fashion Boutique to learn more about these and many other amazing ponchos. Come enhance yourself!


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