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Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Jul 1, 2016 4:10:03 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

shopping_onlineAll women have faced this scenario before: you want to surprise your most fashionable friend or family member with something chic and ultra memorable for her birthday or another special occasion. After all, your purchase shows off your own style sense--and serves as a great conversation starter. Problem is, you don't know her dress size, you have no idea what size shoes she wears, and jewelry gifts are just so, well...done (not to mention predictable!) So what to do?

1. Find Something to Fit Everyone

Beautiful, unique, and luxurious scarves from Pineda Covalin are the perfect solution to this annual conundrum. The Domes that Crown long scarf in Puebla Blue, for example, is sure to spark some happy, nostalgic conversations on past travels. Plus, online gift buying means you'll not only get an accessory to fit and flatter all your friends, but also the most convenience from any retail experience available. If your friend is of the male persuasion, you can always skip the hassle of sizing woes by buying him a dapper tie for a fun, formal night out.


2. Escape the Lines, Avoid the Hassle, and Save Money 

While gifts are always wonderful for the receiver, going through the hassle of buying gifts at the mall can mean a huge headache. Who wants to persuade antsy children and a reluctant husband to make a long trip to the store? Unlike retail shopping, buying online is breeze. And no more waiting for the perfect sale, since Pineda Covalin keeps you up-to-date on all the latest savings. 

3. Discover New Fashion Possibilities

Online shoppers frequently stumble across gorgeous new items that they wouldn't give a second thought to in the store. With a variety of Latin American inspired patterns and styles, Pineda Covalin offers shawls that will add a unique pep and flair to any outfit. The bright, quality fabrics of the Istmo Purple Shawl with Velvet or the Marakame Fuchsia Shawl are sure to step your outfit up from blah to beautiful--in adventurous new ways!



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