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Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Jun 24, 2016 6:42:51 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

Pineda_covalin_boutique_onlineIt’s your birthday and your friend surprises you with a gift. You’re so excited because it’s not a common practice to give people gifts anymore. You enthusiastically open it up and it’s a scarf. You thank your friend as emphatically as possible, but you think, I’m never going to wear this. You go out that night and decide to wear the scarf to show your friend you truly love it. As you find clothes to match with it you realize you do love the monochromatic colors and the fact that it appears it has a story on it. If it weren’t for your friend you would have never thought to buy it. Scarves—along with belts, shawls, ties, ponchos, and other non-jewelry accessories—are items that you never think to buy.

This is the perfect example of the benefits of buying online. You’re in a store and your eyes immediately go to the colorful shirts and pretty print skirts and the perfect sundresses that will complement your summer tan. You completely ignore that dream-catcher scarf that will make your flowy, white summer dress complete. You ignore the white and blue printed shawl that will complement your jeans and plain white tee for that outdoor theatre drive-in.


Ultimately buying online gives you the stress-free freedom to peruse all the options to accentuate the clothes you already have. All they need is that pop of midnight blue and lavender in a richly colored shawl to make your worn denim skirt and purple top seem fresh again.  These are the benefits of shopping online and the best part is: there are no lines, no haggle, no crowds, no need to get out of your pajamas. Plus, the best part about buying these items is that you would never have thought of is that they will always fit perfectly. You don’t need to try them on or thoroughly examine the way your body fits in it. You like what you see online, you buy it, you wear it, and you love it.

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