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Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Apr 13, 2016 11:36:35 AM
Fernando Montes de Oca


Spring is upon us and the sun only grows brighter by the day as Summer starts warmly creeping in. The whole world is waking up and donning their inner colors and we find ourselves drawn to do the same. 




This time of year is all about loud shades and transformation, but if you're still stuck in those dull winter blues and grays, then look no further than Pineda Covalin to let your personal celebration begin! 

How you dress is a reflection of how you feel inside, and there is no one out there quite like you. At Pineda Covalin our collections are designed with uniqueness and sophistication in mind, and we offer exceptional patterns and vibrant colors in exotic cuts that you won't find anywhere else. Our chunky patterns and sheer materials fit like no other, so if you're looking for something fresh to set you apart, here are some great one-of-a-kind and stylistically trending patterns that you can buy online to kick off your 2016, such as playful butterflies for both women and men.

Some of our personal recommendations this Spring include:

Spunky Scarves

Dreamcatcher - this protective and feathered pattern is sure to keep the nightmares away. Let your most beautiful dreams in and stand bright as you wear the approaching dawn on your shoulders.

Mayan Weaving - this more modern Mayan inspiration reflects the art of the culture in a way that is both respectful to history and beautiful in its intricacy. 

Spirited Shawls

Ancestral Star - this vibrant star pattern captures the ultimate in color. This pattern speaks to the wearer of the divine inspiration and influence of the stars on ourselves and our ancestors, reminding us how to drive the darkness away.

Huichol Spirit - this playful animal and plant pattern draws from shaman art and is steeped deep in the mysticism of story. 

shop_onlineEnticing Ties

Saner Black Skinny - the tie that tells a story. Designed by artist and illustrator Saner and inspired by the traditions of Mexico, these devilish characters poke impish fun at the wearer in unparalleled style. 

Day of the Dead - celebrate the Day of the Dead with an urban twist wearing this quirky collection of skulls which you can enjoy year round.

Sea Turtles - what feels more Summer-ready than the sea? If you're itching to express that inner beach urchin in culture and style, then this Sea Turtle tie is the perfect middle ground for you in a civilized yet striking coral and gold.

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