Chic Ponchos and Huipiles On Pineda Covalin's Online Fashion Boutique

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Jun 16, 2016 5:01:05 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

ponchos_buy_onlineWhen the heat of summer and autumn weighs down on you, it is tempting to sacrifice fashion for comfort. Who wants to wear layer upon layer when you are at the pool or running errands in the sun? Pineda Covalin has an answer! Ponchos and huipiles are light-weight and cool options for the heat. Pineda Covalin's online fashion boutique offers a variety of ponchos and huipiles. Paired with a long necklace or a few bangles, ponchos and huipiles add glamor to a comfortable outfit.

Pineda Covalin has many styles. There are geometric patterns like the Mayan Dream Yellow Poncho and the Monarch Butterfly Macro Grey Poncho. Both ponchos offer a chic and easy-to-wear option! Pineda Covalin also has natural styles like the Wirkuta Black/White Chiffon Poncho. This piece is see-through and would be a perfect cover-up for the beach! There is also the Papalotl Butterfly Purple/ Orange Poncho. This poncho could easily be dressed up for a night out with a few accessories and a pair of pumps.


Pineda Covalin also has huipiles. Huipiles are a longer version of ponchos, and some styles can be worn as a dress. If you are into Boho Chic style, the Tzotzil Plum Chiffon Huipile would be perfect paired with a headband and moccasins. If you need something for a date night, the off-the-shoulder huipiles like the Istmo Red Huipil and the Monarch Butterfly Emerald JQD Silk Huipil are perfect for a classy night out. 

Truly, ponchos and huipiles are excellent pieces to add to your wardrobe. They can be dressed down at the beach and or be the showstopper of your night out!  

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