Versatile Ways to Wear Your Designer Silk Scarves

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Aug 15, 2017 10:19:00 AM
Fernando Montes de Oca

boutique_onlineDesigner silk scarves can add a classy edge to your outfits. Wearing designer scarves makes you feel so trendy too. Did you know that there are so many ways you could wear these smart accessories?  In fact, they’re so versatile; you could create tons of varying looks with just the one silk scarf.

Here’s a look at several ways you could wear these to achieve a different effect every time.

  • Create a beautiful bow-style head band with your designer scarves. Simply shape the scarf into a rectangle, and tie it under your hair, or above the nape of your neck. You can then tie the two ends together into a gorgeous bow. This is so elegant and complements full-length dresses perfectly.
  • For added elegance to an already elegant outfit, braid your scarf into your hair. This will work if your hair is long enough. You can also complement your outfit by using designer silk scarves that blend in with the colors of your attire. This method is easy. Just tie your scarf into your hair in the back and commence braiding. Utilize the tip of the scarf to secure the braid if you don't want to use a hair band.


  • Embellish your favorite tote bag with your designer silk scarves. This is ideal if you’re planning to wear your scarf later and want to make creative use of it while carrying it around during the day. It can add aesthetic beauty to your bag. Some may even think you’ve bought a new bag. Match the scarf with your best designer blouse or skirt, and you"ll have a complete designer day ensemble. Tie the scarf around your bag’s handle in a huge bow or fancy knot to maximize elegance.
  • Designer scarves are ideal for embellishing tied long hair. Use a band that matches the scarf to make a pony tail. Wrap the scarf over your hair to create a cute floppy bow effect. This look is perfect for that laid back smart casual look. Do this style with a crisp white shirt, designer jeans, and elegant pumps for the ultimate in casual chic you can find at an online boutique.
  • Complement your outfit by tying your designer silk scarves as neckties. This looks superb with your hair down. Your scarf can add flair and color if you’re wearing a monotone outfit. Add a touch of lipstick to match your scarf color and earrings, and your look is complete. Find amazing silk scarves at our online fashion boutique.


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