Distinctive Trend Design With Rebozo Shawls in Mexican Tradition

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Dec 4, 2015 7:20:25 AM
Fernando Montes de Oca

rebozo_shawlsMexico is well known for its distinctive and exquisite shawl designs. Mexican shawls have been gaining popularity since it was first introduced years ago. Have a look at what this traditional shawl entails, its versatility, various designs you can find them in, and how to wrap them. 



What is Rebozo Shawl?

  • These are lengthy Mexican inspired shawls of the highest quality. They are deluxe trendy accessories that consist of a narrow body with beautiful fringes at the ends.
  • Classic rebozos are all silk prints designed by the most skilled artists.

The Versatility of  Rebozo Shawls

  • Drape one of these pretty shawls off the shoulder with an elegant dress, earrings, and necklace for that elegant look. Or wear earthy colored rebozos wrapped over your shoulders hanging open in front, with a pair of jeans and sweater for some finesse to your casual look.
  • These Mexican fashion must-haves come in several designs. Make your selection from gorgeous floral, pastel, printed, or stripe designs.
  • Rebozos come in a variety of dramatic hues and can be used as part of your home’s décor. Simply fold it lengthwise and drape it over your bed as a throw, or use it as a table runner or curtain swag.You can also fold it and use it on an upholstered headboard for a new look in your bedroom. Be sure to use Velcro to secure. This shawls are great to use draped across armchairs and couches.
  • Some women also use these as slings for newborn babies, or around their heads to protect their faces and heads from the sun.

Shawls can add a unique touch not only to your personal look but also to your home. My friend and blogger  Andrea Maria, is a great fan of them, and talking about new ideas not only for this item but also for  fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle tips you should check her website at 


How to Wrap it

  • Commence by placing the Mexican  shawl around your shoulder. Position the cloth section at the back of your body, and then pull the one side of the shawl over your shoulder. Take the remaining side and pull it underneath your armpit on the opposite side. The two sides of the shawl should then meet near to your hip.
  • Knot the shawl near to your shoulder. You should also knot the cloth.
  • Ensure that the knot is near to your shoulder for adequate support.
  • For use as a baby carrier, follow the same wrapping steps, before tucking your baby close to your body beneath the material on the opposite side of the knot. Make a baby seat by spreading the material around his bottom. Pull the material around the baby before tightening the fabric.

If you are ready to try new creative ways to wear your Pineda Covalin Shawl, watch the video bellow.

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