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Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Sep 20, 2016 5:44:07 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

online_boutiqueAutumn has come! The leaves are turning red, orange, and yellow. The mornings and evening are cool, and the afternoons are delightfully warm. There is nothing better than sitting at a cafe, a coffee in your hand, and leaves floating off the trees. Autumn also calls for a new wardrobe! Gone are swimsuits and lightweight clothing. Now, you need something warm (and chic, of course). Here are three essentials for your new fall wardrobe

1. A light jacket. Since autumn has such varying temperature--warm in the afternoon and cold in the evening, you will need a jacket to layer with your outfit. Pineda Covalin's Blue Mayan Dream is the perfect fall jacket! It has an urban feel with a touch of ethnic. The sleeves roll up to reveal a Mayan weave.

2. A new pair of glasses. Eyeglasses are perfect for fall. They give the feeling of "going back to school," and are a perfect accessory to the preppy layers that fall ushers in. Pineda Covalin has many different frame designs, including the Mayans and the Tehuanas. Be sure to check them out here


3. A long scarf. When the cool wind breezes through your layers, you will need a scarf to wrap and wrap around you. Paired with a necklace and a cute pair of boots, scarves are an absolute ESSENTIAL to fall fashion. Be sure to check out these Pineda Covalin's tribal styles like the Eye of God, the Mayan Architecture, and the Xalitla DV

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