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Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Jun 14, 2016 5:32:42 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

shop_online_experienceLiving in this busy world of ours can make simple things, such as going shopping, a hard to come by luxury. Between work, family, and other obligations, it can be a chore in itself trying to find a few hours to spend strolling through the mall. Fortunately, Pineda Covalin has made it a priority to bring the boutique experience to you.

One of the premier designers in Mexico, our clothes integrate the beauty of traditional Mexican and Latin cultures, creating striking, vibrant designs for both men and women. Pineda Covalin, one of the best known Mexican luxury brands of clothing, has launched its brand into the United States, making it easy to shop for unique, quality clothing, found nowhere else in this country.

Instead of scheduling time to bounce from store to store in search of the perfect scarf or shawl, take a few minutes at your leisure, day or night, to visit our site and enjoy the array of accessories at your fingertips. Rather than feeling rushed, you can take your time viewing a seemingly endless number of choices. Additionally, you can read about the unique history of each item, and the vision behind its creation. If you're still undecided, simply save your picks to your wishlist to revisit another time.


Of course, we also offer a variety of the most well-made, stylish men's ties available. As most men don't tend to enjoy a lengthy excursion to a crowded mall, Pineda Covalin has simplified the burden of searching for the perfect look. In fact, men will find our online store so easy to use, tie shopping may just become a favorite activity!

Our goal at Pineda Covalin is to simplify and beautify your life. Visit us online to learn more about our exclusive clothing and accessories. Life is short. Live beautifully.

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