Four Must-Have Accessories From Our Online Boutique For Any Wardrobe

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Nov 22, 2016 5:18:07 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

online_boutiqueStarting on the trending and creative venture of the capsule wardrobe? It really is a great idea--only buying quality pieces for each season, and only doing it in one shopping trip. This fashion technique gives so much cohesion to your wardrobe and saves you a lot of money as well. One important trait in a capsule wardrobe is accessories. Good accessories can make any old wardrobe pop. Thus, here are the three must-have accessories for any capsule wardrobe. 

 1. A casual purse. Every day life requires a place to stash your sunglasses, wallet, and phone. You need a purse that is versatile and trendy. This tan purse from Pinterest  illustrates the class and elegance of a slouchy leather purse. Pineda Covalin also has a selection of strappy leather purses like the Mac Istmo Original Bag and the Mac Monarch Butterfly Original Bag that you can find at our online boutique.


2. An elegant clutch for fancy occasions. There is nothing worse than dressing up to the nines, and having to use your worn out, casual purse that you use every day! Be sure to include a clutch for formal occasions like graduations, weddings, and parties. For a playful look, try the Balak Bag with Silk Huichol Chaquira. For pop of classy color, consider the Small Clutch Pink Plumage.

3. A sturdy and fashionable over-night bag. Ditch the old high school duffel bag, and invest in a beautiful and resourceful over-night bag for the occasional weekend getaway. The Katal Bag Istmo Red is perfect for a short overnight. The Otomi Embroidered Holdall is another chic option for a bag or even an over-sized purse. 

Want more capsule tips? Feel free to view our collection in more detail!

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