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Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Oct 20, 2016 4:03:32 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

online_boutiqueThink of the rich, warm colors of the Sangre de Cristo mountains outside of Santa Fe, or the pine-scented air and snowfall in the mountains of Angel Fire. The sky in Taos is a color blue the artists have been trying to capture for generations, and the Rio Grande River flows through canyon walls colored by the history of the earth. These gorgeous natural landscapes and colors inform the artists and designers behind Pineda Covalin.

The Mayan Textiles blue silk tie is a subtle, formal look with a depth to the pattern. The Mayan Ceramics silk scarf for you is a lovely nod to a rich artistic heritage.

The Totonacan black silk pocket square tucked into his jacket might tell you he's heading off to battle. That's a day for you to fly your own flag. This Chaquira Huichol Huipil needs a pair of old jeans and black motorcycle boots.


The gorgeous plum silk of the Chihuahua Vassel long scarf will look wonderful dressed up or down- plum silk in an unexpected and rich holiday color. Wrap it around your head in a mini-turban, mixed with a fall of hair to your shoulders.   

Look at the gorgeous pattern and color in this Hikuri red dress- this dress needs bare feet and a glass of champagne!

For a special gift, consider this Teotihuacan Jaguar tie in pale gold silk. Quietly sumptuous and very rich, the tiny pattern of jaguars is sure to please him.

Celebrate the rich colors of the landscape and the heritage of warmer lands with Pineda Covalin online this holiday season.


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