How to Choose the Perfect Classic Silk Tie From a Online Boutique

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Aug 16, 2017 5:46:00 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

silk_ties_online_fashion_boutiqueThe classic silk tie is the perfect complementary fashion accessory.  Find them at an online fashion boutique and add a touch of class and a splash a color to your outfits in an instant with these. However, knowing what to look for when buying silk ties is important and you should choose a quality tie that best enhances your wardrobe.

Here’s a look at some tips to consider when buying these.

  • Choose the correct size. You should always select silk ties that touch the top of your belt buckle. The tie size should also be no more than four inches. It’s always a great idea to measure your neck size prior to purchasing, as the last thing you’d want is discomfort due to a necktie that is too tight. On the other hand, your silk ties should not fit too loosely either. You can achieve the ideal classic look by selecting a Pineda Covalin tie with a width that complements your lapels.
  • Always select the correct fabric type and colors. Silk ties are known to best enhance business suits. Woven ones are ideal if you’re looking for the best color quality. You should always opt for a tie with the colors of your outfit plus an additional color for depth. If you’re attending a business meeting or formal dinner, it’s best to select a tie with solid colors. It should also be a shade darker than your dress shirt. You could also match your darker ties with blue shirts for a military effect. If you’re truly indecisive about choosing the right color, simply opt for a black classic silk tie, as this color is ideal for most events.


  • Select the right pattern for the occasion. These types of ties come in a variety of patterns. Knowing which patterns to choose is always helpful when you want to complement your look. If you’re wearing a shirt with bold patterns, choose a tie with a softer pattern. If you’re a lover of dotted ties, select ties with smaller dots for your business look. Checkered ties are quite dramatic, so if you do go this route, be sure to blend this into your outfit with a shirt comprising matching colors. If stripes are your favorite, choose a tie with at least one of the colors of your shirt. Non-patterned shirts are also best worn with striped ties, as a striped or patterned shirt would look too busy with a striped tie. Find amazing designs at our online boutique.


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