How to guides in creating a trend-setting tie statement

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on May 9, 2016 10:47:32 AM
Fernando Montes de Oca


In the past decades, a tie was a necessity in the business world. The necktie became a requirement versus an accessory to enhance an outfit. When introducing the term business casual, men seemed happy tossing their neckties to the wind. However, many soon realized that a necktie is also an accessory that helps spotlight an outfit. As such, neckties evolved into a fashion statement rather than complying with a work requirement. Necktie enthusiasts have created over one-hundred different ways to wear a tie. Before exploring how to guides on various ways to style a tie knot, let’s first identify a few key things to remember when adding a necktie to your outfit.

  • Analyze the collar. Shirt collars are very different from the knot spacing to the cut of the points. You’ll want to determine what size knot or design will work best with a collar. For example, if the knot spacing (gap between both points) is small, you’ll want to avoid elaborate double tie knots.
  • Construction of the tie. This is important when deciding upon type of material, thickness, and even length of the tie. Some designs require a wider tie while others may need a silk material for proper dimensions.
  • Personal body type. Take into consideration the build of your body when adding a tie to enhance an outfit. The tie knot needs to proportionally fit your body type. For example, a double eldredge knot would not proportionally look right on someone with a small neck.how_to_wear_ties
  • Design. Finally you must decide upon a design or multiple designs that fit with your personal flair or the image you are projecting. The four in hand knot is the most common design for a necktie. The design is simple, easy to tie, and familiar. However, this knot screams typical and ordinary rather than a trend-setting fashion statement.

The fashion world is reinventing the tie accessory by creating a unique look using various designs you can create at home. With practice and patience, anyone can become a trend-setting wearer of the tie.

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