How to Smartly Use Your Scarves and Shawls

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Nov 24, 2015 12:50:56 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

shawlsScarves and shawls are versatile enough to complement day and evening wear during any season. You can dress up a pair of jeans and tank top, or add sophistication to your formal wear with these every day. Here’s a look at how you could use your scarfs and shawls in the trendiest and smartest ways.


  • Transform your regular scarves into classy infinity scarves which create that loopy layered look around your neckline. You can achieve this by tying the scarf ends together, before placing the scarf around your neck and knotting and twisting it into fashionable layers.
  • Add flair to your dress shirts or plain tees by tucking your scarf beneath a belt. Your outfit will go from ordinary to unique in record time here.
  • Using your scarfs in a knotted fashion adds a degree of chic to any outfit. A scarf used as a warm giant knot around your neck is definitely ideal for winter too. Folding a knotted scarf is very similar to knotting a tie, and is a great finishing touch to formal wear.
  • If you’re wearing items of the same color you could use a brightly colored scarf as a belt to break the colors. Wearing scarves as belts also flatters waistlines.
  • Use your scarfs as hair accessories. If your hair is in a bun, wrap a small scarf around it, or wear your scarf as a headband with a front knot.
  • Create a unique look for your favorite handbag by tying a cute bow with a thin scarf to one of the bag’s straps. Using a color or fabric that matches your outfit is ideal.
  • You can use your scarfs to create a bow around your neck, or tie a small scarf around your wrist as a pretty wristband.



  • Knowing how to use your shawls is a great help. These are great to use during glitzy parties as shoulder wraps. They also add a finishing touch to evening wear when it’s a bit chilly outside.
  • You can also use your shawls as skirts if they are large enough. Wrap them around your waist and knot them or use brooches to hold it in place.
  • If you know how to use your shawls, you may have heard of using shawls as a vest. Create this look by holding your shawl lengthwise before folding it in half, and tying the top corners together with the top center.

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