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Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on May 17, 2016 5:27:50 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

how_to_tie_scarvesA scarf can make an ordinary outfit look fashionable while creating a classic look. Jackie Kennedy was a fashion icon that clearly understood the value of a scarf as an accessory. Her elegance and personal flair demonstrated that a typical ponytail could never compete with a scarf. Why settle for an uneventful band strangling your hair, when a scarf adds color and style? Granted, only Jackie O. could wear a scarf in her typical style without looking like a peasant girl. Luckily more modern ways to tie a scarf have emerged so even those not aspiring toward the role of first lady can also rock a scarf with panache. Below are some how to guides and videos  to help transform your wardrobe by making a scarf part of your daily process.

However, a scarf is not meant as only a hair accessory. Also another very informative demonstration that clearly shows an additional 25 ways you can wear a scarf. Most interesting is how the same scarf can dramatically change an outfit simply from using a different wrap technique. Which one is your favorite?


Despite popular opinion, a scarf is not just something you wear in the winter months to keep from freezing. A scarf can come in an impressive variety of colors, thickness, and material to become a year-round accessory.

To truly revolutionize your wardrobe, you need to find the right retailer that has a diverse selection of scarfs to meet your needs. Build your outfit like you meant for those pieces to go together. Conclusively, with enough practice and scarf choices, your personal style can transform into a regal, fashionable statement.

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