How to Wear A Shawl From our Online Fashion Boutique Like a Superhero

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Feb 6, 2017 2:39:45 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca


online_fashion_boutiqueWho knew that superheros like to wear shawls? They do, and the magical powers of shawls are well-known in the superhero community. Here are 5 rules about wearing shawls both in the office and when you are in superhero mode:

1. When the office is cool, wrap the Dreamcatcher Orange Silk Shawl around your shoulders and secure. The shawl should hit about elbow length, leaving your arms free for keyboard work, or if you need to draw a magical sword and defeat evil. Shoulders will stay warm and you will look and feel lovely!

2. You can secure the shawl with a French knot, or you can use a shawl pin or clip. Consider a small wooden pick put through the knot, which works well as a shawl pin, and will come in handy if you are suddenly faced with a vampire.

3. The shawl itself seems to have magical powers. Consider this Istmo Red Silk. Men who have become accustomed to wearing ball caps into restaurants will suddenly find themselves taking their caps off, washing their hands, and calling you "Ma'am."


4. Wearing a gorgeous shawl at work, such as the Papalotl Butterfly Lilac silk shawl, and people will start to wonder if you read romance novels in your off time. This will add to the air of mysteriousness that all superheros need to keep their true selves in disguise.

5. You will hate to take it off, but the powerful Huichol Spirit Black and Gray will be a perfect substitute for a pair of handcuffs, which you naturally do not carry. However, evildoers may need to be restrained. The handsome police detective you call anonymously will, no doubt, return your beautiful silk to you, and he might even discover your secret identity. But by that time he will be desperately in love and will protect your superhero identity with his life. 

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