How to Wear Larger Mexican Scarves from an Online Fashion Boutique

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Aug 3, 2017 10:46:00 AM
Fernando Montes de Oca

mexican_scarves_online_fashion_boutiqueLarge Mexican-inspired Pineda Covalin scarves are exceptionally versatile.

Mastering the art of wearing these in different styles is easy, and will keep you looking trendy throughout all seasons.


Acquire a new look with these everyday, and wear yours as an over-sized scarf, cape, shawl, or even a makeshift poncho. Here are some tips on how you can achieve this.

  • Create the bulky look for added neck warmth during colder weather. This is probably one of the most basic looks for your larger Mexican scarves. Hold the scarf horizontally in front of you and wrap it around the back of your neck, with one side slightly longer than the other. Create a looping effect and pull the longer side through the loop. Pair this cozy style with some jeans, and a fur vest or your favorite high heeled boots.
  • Wear your Pineda Covalin scarves as an elegant coat. Allow the scarf to hang loosely around your shoulders, creating the look of an open coat. You could use a belt that complements the rest of your outfit to secure your makeshift coat. Add your favorite pair of slacks, bag, and a pair of heels to optimize your stylish look. You could also tie a faux fur collar to the neckline for extra chic.


  • Style your Mexican scarves as capes. Achieve this innovative look by wrapping your giant scarf around your shoulders. You can then tie the ends at your neck, and let it hang over your mid-section and knees. Try to match some dark leggings with a dark sweater, shoes and hat, and then use a brightly colored scarf for a more dramatic and eye-catching look. You could also alternate your cape style by wrapping your scarf over one shoulder, instead of tying the two ends together.
  • Create a makeshift poncho with your large Mexican scarves. This is ideal if you prefer a woven silk blanket look. Drape your scarf around you like you would with a throw or little blanket. Use a modern belt that matches your slacks and sweater, and gather the scarf with the belt until you achieve the poncho look.
  • Create an elegant braided look. Simply drape your large scarf around your neck with the two points hanging on either side of your waist. Take each point and braid them to get the desired result. This look is great coupled with a pair of jeans and snug sweater. Visit our online fashion boutique to find beautiful products.



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