How to Boost the Versatility of Your Mexican Shawls

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Jan 6, 2016 10:56:57 AM
Fernando Montes de Oca

mexican_shawlsMexican shawls can be worn in an array of uncommon styles. Did you know that you could convert your Pineda Covalin shawls into cozy cardigans, or into a blouse or coat? With just a little imagination, some may not even realize you’re wearing a shawl when you transform these into a dress shirt, or hooded vest.

Here’s a list of how to maximize the versatility of your Pineda Covalin shawls.

  • Wrap your shawl around your shoulders and let it hang down your back and over your torso in the shape of a lengthy dress shirt. This works best with some leggings and your favorite heels. Secure the shawl with a wide belt. Try to opt for a belt with an eye-catching buckle for some chic. For a more dramatic look, ensure your shoes, belt, and leggings are the same color.
  • Transform your Mexican shawls into a hooded vest. Try this very simple, yet unique look by wrapping your shawl over your head like you’d do if you were wearing a scarf. Drape the rest of the shawl around your arms and mid-section like a sleeveless vest. You can secure this with a brooch, or with a narrow belt if you want to accentuate your waistline.


  • Make cardigans with your Mexican shawls. Simply tie the ends, and the middle sections of a poncho together to form two holes. Place your hands in the holes and viola! You could skip the expense of cardigans completely, and save when using your shawls in this fashion. Be sure to buy an array of shawls in different colors for added versatility.
  • Rebozos are Mexican shawls that can be transformed into a blanket-type coat. Wear these over your slacks or dress with a pair of knee-high boots. Wrap the shawl over your shoulders and down your body, and secure with a belt that complements your boots. If you’ve chosen a shawl in an earthy tone, select boots and a belt in neutral earthy colors to maximize the shawl’s beauty.
  • Allow your shawl to dangle as a wrap, or a loose fitting dress. This requires the least amount of effort, but can be used to create a few uncommon, yet gorgeous styles. Wrap your shawl around the length of your body in an off-the-shoulder style dress, or wrap it around your torso, and tie the two top ends around your neck for a halter neck dress style.



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