Online Fashion Boutique: Unique Flair From Pineda Covalin

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Jul 5, 2016 5:40:09 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

boutique_online_americaThe introduction of Latin American style and themes into the world of American fashion has begun. Pineda Covalin is a fashion company that is headquartered in Mexico, and while we have several boutiques in the United States, the simplest way for you to purchase our styles is through our online boutique. Throughout our online collections, you will find styles for women, men and the home. 

In our women's collection, you will find everything from sunglasses and wallets to tops and dresses. A good example of the unique and intricate designs we provide at Pineda Covalin is the Monarch Butterfly Shawl. This beautiful piece is a macro white shawl with velvet. The shawl also has a feminine fringe at each end, and in between the fringed ends, the shawl shows off a black and white print of monarch butterfly wings. 

In our men's collection, you will find both the basic accessories, like ties and fragrances, and the staple clothing pieces like shirts and jackets. For those who are living or visiting a warmer climate, a swimsuit from Pineda Covalin is a must. The Aqua Sea Turtle Men's Swimsuit can be a good choice. This suit has a strong elastic waste with a tie closure for extra security. The suit has sea turtles, conch shells and star fish printed across it, which gives the suit a fun flair. 


In the home collection are both decoration pieces and our xico figurines. One of the pieces available is a pillow. The pillow has intricate and latin-themed designs printed all over it. The geometric shapes and bright colors will fit any bed, chair or sofa very nicely. 

Pineda Covalin is a unique online boutique that offers our customers an introduction to the styles of Latin America. We offer different authentic and quality items that we are more than happy to ship anywhere in the United States. 


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