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Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Aug 2, 2016 3:39:00 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

buy_scarves_onlineIf you’re interested in adding more color to your look, one secret style ingredient to consider is scarves. Because scarves can have multiple hues, patterns, and other design possibilities, they can completely change and freshen up your outfit. As you can see from our online catalog, there are so many scarves to choose from, which means you can add a colorful scarf to outfits for any occasion—whether that’s work, vacation, or just a regular day out. We put together some styling tips for you so that you can easily combine different scarves with multiple outfits.

To start, you can either add a colorful scarf onto a monochromatic outfit or use contrasting colors to create an interesting look. For example, you can combine our light pink, green, and orange Huahuas Dance long scarf with a matching dress in solid pink or white. In another example, our blue Mayan Weaving long scarf would look great on a black blouse since the scarf's pattern is vivid.


If you want to combine a scarf with contrasting colors (colors that are opposite of each other), check out a tool like Paletton which can show you colors' relationship with each other. Choose your favorite scarf and plan your outfit based on the color that will contrast with it most. For instance, our blue Huichol Spirit scarf would stand out beautifully when combined with a red outfit. The scarf itself even has red details that would match your red clothes.

There are many more colorful possibilities at our online scarf collection. With scarves in so many sizes and designs, the options are truly endless.

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