Shawls - How to Wear Them in Autumn and Winter

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Dec 6, 2015 8:00:00 AM
Fernando Montes de Oca

shawlsThe distinctive sights and aroma of spices, orange-colored harvest crops, and pine are usually linked to autumn.

That’s not all though, as fall is often accompanied by an unmistakable drop in temperatures.

Wrapping yourself in warm clothing is important if you want to brave the colder seasons. Keeping warm also protects you from colds and flu. Wearing shawls is one way to keep warm and add chic to your autumn or winter outfits. Have a look at how you can achieve this with shawls .

  • Wearing shawls like a large pashmina draped over your shoulders is ideal for protection against the winter cold. A pashmina shawl is a great embellishment and can give your outfit a luxurious edge.
  • You can also wrap a silk shawl around your head and neck to keep those cold winds out of your face. Choose a color shawl that will either break a one color outfit, or complement an already vibrant outfit.
  • Wearing shawls like the mobius types are ideal for dwindling autumn and winter temperatures. These are all-in-one shawls that hang open and slips over your shoulders. Simply place the mobius over a shirt or warm sweater and you’ll be warmed and accessorized instantly. Wearing these is also great if wearing anything heavier over your sweater has become uncomfortable.


  • Wearing shawls around your neck tied in a European loop look is great. Fold your shawl in half and position it around your neck, while creating a loop to the side of your shoulder. Then place around your neck and knot in front. Wearing shawls loop style over a shirt, or an open cardigan is classy with slacks.
  • Wearing shawls as braided knots is highly fashionable and a great way to keep you neck warm during harsh weather. Creating this effect with your shawls are similar to the methods used when wrapping a loop shawl. It does require some extra work and you’ll be pleased with its Parisian style look.
  • Wearing shawls as a sophisticated wrap is another way you could wear your favorite plush accessory during fall and winter. This look works great with the larger shawls. Position the shawl around the length of your back and leave the ends around your shoulders. Allow the one end to hang, and wrap the other side of the shawl across your back over your other shoulder. You can keep the shawl in place with a stylish clip.

If you want some additional style tips on how to wear your Pineda Covalin Shawl or Long Scarf,  watch our video by clicking the link bellow.

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