Shawls - Which Size is Best?

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Nov 27, 2015 1:26:34 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

shawlsShawls are designed in an array of sizes. Most shawls are used for warmth during colder weather, or to add flair to an outfit. Smaller sized shawls offer less warmth, as it covers a smaller area, and you can also do less with it when trying to accessorize. 

There are therefore no two ways about; when it comes to shawl size, plus size shawls win hands down, and here’s why.  

  • Larger shawls can be used to give your home a stylish look. Use them as a part of your décor against the wall above your fireplace for added coziness. Or drape them across old chipped shelves for a great look.
  • A small shawl would usually just cover your neck and shoulders, but you’ll be able to wrap your neck, shoulders and mid-section with a plus size shawl. This comes in pretty handy on those winter evenings when you’re outdoors.
  • You can also use your plus size shawl as a miniature blanket, or tie it as a carrier or bag. Using your plus sized shawl as a bag is great if the color and material complements your attire, and other accessories.
  • A large shawl can be used as a poncho type sweater shawl. Drape a large tasseled shawl over your shoulders and back creating a poncho look, and let the tassels hang over your matching pants. Or wear jeans with your shawl poncho style, and complete this stylish look with a fedora and your favorite shoes.


  • You could also wear your plus sized shawl in an open front cardigan style. Simple fold your shawl in half lengthwise, and drape it over your shoulders and leave it hanging open.
  • You could use a larger shawl as a wrap-around dress shirt. Be sure to tie the shawl securely after you’ve wrapped it in the desired style. Couple this with your favorite pair of stockings or tights, an elegant pair of shoes and matching handbag and you’re ready to paint the town.
  • Plus sized shawls may be very beneficial in winter, but you could also use them during those hot months. You can accessorize the barest of outfits with a plus sized shawl. One way of doing this is by draping a large colorful shawl over your bathing costume, and letting it hang open. Choose a shade that matches your costume, add a hat and a pair of sunglasses, and you’re ready to go.

Are you excited and want to put these ideas in action? Also you can watch a video of style tips on  how to wear a Pineda Covalin Shawls:

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