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pineda_covalinPineda Covalin is an invitation to travel along the roads of a Mexico and Latin America that peers at the modern world through the eyes of its own history, traditions, cultural plurality, ethnic multiplicity, and fertile imagination.



Furthermore, it is a well-deserved homage to the anonymous creators of past and present times who have captured the cosmogony of Latin America in the fantastic designs that symbolize what we are as a nation today. Pineda Covalin reveals this nation’s spirit with a colourful palette of brilliant designs that evoke the culture of all its regions; it defines a plural territory where the richest expressions of Mexican art flourish alongside each other. The collection that we present is a combination of fashion and art. A fusion in which multiple currents converge to show that “globality” is also an opportunity for discovering the tremendous wealth that identifies the “small village”.

Our project is to preserve the collective memory of Mexican design, a particular way of recognising what we have inherited, and a different way of speaking about what belongs to us and what makes up the beauty and intensity of our people.

Pineda Covalin was founded in 1996 by Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Covalin. The company’s main purpose is to expand the richness of the Mexican and Latin American culture and traditions all over the world through fashionable products such as ties, purses, scarves and shoes, with diverse patterns on silk.  Down below you can read 2 of our products's design histories:

"In the Mexican Prehispanic cultures the Monarch Butterfly symbolized the soul, fire and movement, concepts that they captured in the literature and left in their archaeological pieces. Although at the beginning of the spring season, the Monarch Butterfly begins its journey towards Canada, during the winter season, we can admire the butterfly in its ecological reserve in Angangueo in the state of Michoacán."


"Ever since the beginning of the 20th century, the new urban culture in Mexico required symbols to demonstrate its wealth. With the Mexican Revolution, this need became even more urgent. The figure of the Tehuan women awakened the desire and dreams of those who saw them, and their features could well have represented the grandeur or the new nation. Tehuan clothes are some of the most attractive, picturesque, striking, elegant, and seductive in Mexico. They have maintained their current for 100 years. Ornaments, usually include colorful, bright and striking floral motifs, the design of which inspired these clothes."


Through these 20 years, Pineda Covalin’s products have been introduced into diverse countries and sceneries, presenting different collections all over the world in diverse events and runways in Mexico City, Miami, New York, Scottsdale, Chile, Sao Paulo, Peru, France, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, South Africa, India, Indonesia, China, Japan and Australia.   These presentations have confirmed Pineda Covalin’s as a recognized creative and original concept and an ambassador of the Mexican culture and fashion.

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