The New Identity of Ponchos, and Introducing the Huipil

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Jul 20, 2016 12:37:42 AM
Fernando Montes de Oca

ponchos_boutique_onlineLight. Breezy. Sexy. If this description didn't make you think of ponchos or huipiles, it is time you rethought the style and sophistication of ponchos. The best way to indulge your senses and take in these luxurious must-have accessories is to visit Pineda Covalin's online fashion boutique.

Ponchos can be worn over camisole tops, bathing suits, or whatever your heart desires. There is no need to be modest when you are wearing such an eye-stopping design from Pineda Covalin. Demure and sophisticated looks love a poncho worn level over the shoulders, revealing the most delicate outline of your collarbones. If you are feeling sexy and playful, they lay effortless over one shoulder revealing your subtle, feminine charms.

New to ponchos? Dive right into to the exquisite patterns we have available. The Wirikuta Black/White Chiffon Poncho is a breezy and sensuous summer accessory that you will want to wear everywhere. While you are there, you must take a look at the Plumage Art Orange Poncho. This poncho captures the rays of the sun and makes you look stunning in flats or heels!

Speaking of the sun, the Red Tehuana Round Sunglasses make a perfect accent piece to many of the bold, authentic patterns found on Pineda Covalin.

Huipiles, a variation of ponchos, offer a slightly longer material length and give more flow to your movements. As a statement piece, they bring to life leggings and skinny jeans and look great with a simple messy bun. This effortless style will brighten any room you walk into!ways_to_use_ponchos_and_hupiles

A daring and provocative take on the huipil is Pineda Covalin's Monarch Butterfly Macro Red Huipil. An elegant neckline exposes the soft glow of your collarbone, while long, flowing sleeves elongate your frame for an effortless ethereal effect. If red isn't the look you are going for, this beautiful pattern is also available in true-life Monarch Butterfly colors (original), emerald, bone, fuchsia, and yellow.

No matter the pattern or color of what you choose, be sure to allow for extra time in your day to tell people where you bought these stunning wardrobe choices.


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