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Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on May 27, 2016 4:06:51 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

online_fashion_boutiqueThere are those shoppers who frequent the fashion malls to buy their cookie cutter outfits that everyone else is wearing.  Then, there are those with a more global outlook. These are the shoppers with refined tastes, those who prefer to make their own fashion statements, forge their own trends and lead the way to innovative new looks that can make an impact. They know that not always going along with the crowd can be alluring.  


These are the fashion savvy customers who search for truly unique designs that make them stand out in a crowd. These are the people who shop for beautiful, luxury accessories at our online fashion boutique

Whether you are looking for an exquisite designer wallet, or that perfect high end scarf to unify an evening ensemble, Pineda Covalin is online shopping at is best. Our online fashion boutique takes an all-inclusive, global view toward fashion that helps distinguish our discerning customers from the ordinary.  Each item is carefully selected to impart some special quality that sets it apart from the mass manufactured items in a mall.


Our offerings are for men and women who pride themselves on a well-groomed, yet casually elegant look.  They seek well made items of clothing and accessories that are fashioned from the finest materials, and are willing to pay for quality and comfort over fleeting fads and temporary trends.  Our timeless fashions know no preconceived boundaries that dictate what will be here today and gone tomorrow. Each item is carefully selected to bring years of classic satisfaction.

If you are in the market for fine, high quality clothing and accessories for men and women, join the elite group of consumers who have discovered our exquisite Mexican luxury brands that are now launching in the United States.


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