Unique Knots for Your Pineda Covalin Ties

Posted by Fernando Montes de Oca on Jul 26, 2017 10:31:00 PM
Fernando Montes de Oca

online_fashion_boutiqueTies are a wonderful fashion accessory that can add elegance and a great finish to your outfits. You may have been knotting your ties in one way, but did you know there are several unique ways to do this? Learn how you can vary the style of your tie knots daily and give yourself an edge in fashion.

You’ll be a trendsetter in record time with just a few changes in knot twists each day. Here’s how you can knot your quality Pineda Covalin ties, as well as tips on what to best match them with.

  • Wear your tie in Van Wijk style. This is a thin elongated knot with a cylindrical layered look. Wear these with vests and thin collared dress shirts for a dashing look.
  • The rose effect. Knotting your ties in the shape of a rose is great for special occasions like weddings, or a date with that special someone. Try and use a rose colored tie here with a tailored jacket.
  • Knot your ties in a fish bone shape. Add some flair to your formal wardrobe here. Use your quality silk Pineda Covalin ties for these highly fashionable knots. Wear these with a plain shirt for a more dramatic effect. This fashion statement is definitely one of the most aesthetically appealing knots.
  • Try knotting your Pineda Covalin ties in an hourglass shape. This comprises the four-in-hand knot, with an extra knot. These look great with patterned and striped ties, and the knot size is fairly large.


  • Knot your ties in an Atlantic knot. Knots that resemble a back to front knot are ideal if you want to add some unique flair to your outfit for an informal occasion. Here you’ll knot the tie so that the back of the knot is facing the front. The size of your knot would be fairly small here.
  • Experiment with the Cape knot. This is similar to the Atlantic knot, with a much bigger knot size. It is more symmetric than the Atlantic knot and the actual knot has a loosened look. Create a classy look with mono-colored Pineda Covalin ties that you can find at our online fashion boutique. This looks remarkable with plain shirts.
  • Use the Windsor tie knot when you want to look dashing at the office. Always try and wear these types of knots with spread collars. You could also try matching your tie with the same color shirt here for that professional edge.


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